I really like this blog which likes my private dust bin. No one would see the emotion in my inside. No one would point out my grammar mistake or laugh at me. I can use both English and Chinese. Express myself freely and practise my English in the meanwhile.

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Suddenly I lack safety

As title

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Another time

Another time to be defeated,maybe just by myself. I was too eager to see my succuss. So I’m always too nervous to do anything. The fear of failure and mistake blind my eyes. No one helps me out. I want to get back on my feet. But I don’t know how. Sometimes I would think”why should I care so much things?” or”I just wanna run away”. However, though I’m not a person who can be stronger when facing difficulties,I’m learning to be that. Always telling myself:everything would be better the next time.

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Feeling puzzled

The second exam is approaching. But I still have no idea what to do. I’m worried and frustrated. Could my dream really come true?

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Always disappointed in myself. Please calm down and keep running after your dream,suki. No one believes in you,but it’s ok. Because,at least, you have confidence. Don’t lose it.

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