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A depressing night

I really tried hard to do better. But the multiple choice still disappointed me. Everybody thought it was the carelessness that made me fail. So I did it with extreme caution. To my disappointment,there remain four faults,which are the mistakes I shouldn’t make. The whole thing makes me feel upset all night.
However,I won’t give up. Keep going,and I believe I will succeed in the end.

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What should I do?

I always can’t do it well. Why? No one knows how strongly I hope to be the best of me. I tried hard but it doesn’t make sense. What should I do? Could I reach my goal after the last 80 days?

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Finally,I can go to sleep. It’s a quarter past one o’clock now. And I have to get up on 6:20 today. I really wish that I can stop the time flying.
I know what I should do now is to fall asleep ASAP,but,after the sleepy time, it’s so hard to fall asleep.
However,just 82 days left. Time leaves me no other choice.

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A painful day

Today really leaves a bad memory on me. I got a bellyache and ruled my breakfast up in the morning.
Then in the afternoon, just after taking a nap, my head started to ache.
What’s the matter with me?

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A special day

A special day in my life. And I’ll never do things too casually.
Thanks for those ‘happy birthday’s. You,my friends and classmates,make me feel not alone. The gifts you gave me were very nice,though they vary from candy to notebooks.

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The first time

The first time to post.It’s interesting,though a bit complicated for me to read and write in english.
tomorrow ,my birthday, hope all the best.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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